Every season thanks to the catwalk and its top fashion designers we are inundated with new ideas as to what patterns we should be seeking for our wardrobe. From polka dots to stripes and diamonds, when it comes to patterns and motifs and how we wear them, the options are practically endless! Wearing a patterned piece is the ideal way to add a bit of eye-catching detail to an outfit or to brighten up your everyday clothes.

This season, as per usual, there are some key trends that we should be trying to copy when it comes to what patterns are in our wardrobe and how we wear them. If you are not a fan of colour or try to blend into the background, then a patterned top or scarf for example are good ways to vamp up your wardrobe a bit. Check out some of the major pattern trends for this spring below.


We’ve already talked before about how gingham is set to be a huge trend this season, and it is a lovely one to try out, especially if you tend to only usually stick to stripes when it comes to wearing a pattern. The great thing about gingham is that there are so many different shades to choose from, and that the fine check lends itself perfectly to many different styles from punk to whimsical. It can also easily lend a vintage air to your look, with more structured styles such as fitted dresses and cigarette pants creating a beautiful and enviable silhouette. If you are a bit worried about looking like a kitchen tablecloth then you can always choose more modern shades of gingham such as black and white, grey and even lilac – the possibilities really are endless.


So this design theme may not be anything new since we see it annually as soon as the Easter eggs hit the shops, but it is one motif that we can never seem to get tired of. With so many different floral designs and colours to pick from, as well widely differing pattern sizes, there really is a floral motif for everyone. For a dainty look, you can always choose a small pastel print with quintessentially English garden flowers like cornflowers. Or alternatively, for a more ostentatious look, try out a large print with bold and simplified lines and colours as done with such aplomb by Finnish brand Marimekko.


In summer we love to wear brighter and more daring colours, and colour blocking is a great way to show off a vibrant summer wardrobe. Don’t worry about clashing colours, if styled in the correct way you can look fashion forward rather than a fashion-faux-pas. If you adventurous try out pink, orange and yellow hues together for a show-stopping style. Or to keep it simpler, what about trying some pastel shades together and mixing them up for a dainty, sweet and feminine look that is bright and light. Don’t be afraid to try a new mix, and you can always check out Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration.

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