Plus-Size Fashion Trends in London

Plus-Size Fashion Trends in London

In the past decade, plus-size fashion has skyrocketed in popularity as part of UK fashion. More and more outlets are beginning to include larger sizes for people who don’t fit in the generic category required for ‘slender clothing’.

All kinds of medical and cosmetic treatments are also on the rise to get people looking slimmer for traditional sizes of clothes, like Alevere weight reduction therapy near London or 3D Skintech treatment in Belfast, however, with plus-size clothing available, people can look fantastic as they are. This welcome change towards body positivity through fashion is really making its mark in London which is why we’ll be exploring some of the best aspects of plus-size fashion in London, particularly outlets which are making a big impact.


Beige are a growing UK outlet which call London their home, offering plus-size fashion for women with variety and style. From Spring to Winter fashion collections, these stores provide both traditional and modern clothing options for all-size women.

If you’re looking for somewhere where you can find everything from casual plus-size tops and t-shirts to lush dresses that will make you stand out, Beige may just be the store for you.


What’s great about shopping for clothing at Violeta is that they offer a wide variety to cater for all; that means men, women, and kids. They feature their very own plus-size area which goes up to a size 26, meaning most women can find something to both suit and fit them comfortably.

Interestingly, it’s not all about clothing at Violet when it comes to their plus-size section, you can also take a glance at a range of handbags, jewellery, shoes, and more.


Evans are a great London choice for those who are looking for a clothes retailer who focus entirely on the needs of the women who shop there. Offering women’s sizes up to 32 and including well-known brands such as City Chic, Grace, and Live Unlimited, it won’t take shoppers long to spot something special.

The Spring and Summer collections on show, both on their online catalogue and in-store, are particularly popular and are certainly worth browsing through to enjoy the latest plus-size fashion trends of 2017.


This popular plus-size fashion store is taking the market by storm due to their simplicity and inclusion. Both men and women can find plus-size clothing all the way up to a whopping size of 36, with male brands like BadRhino and women’s brands like Curvy Kate. Yours simply provides everything you may need, from lingerie and nightwear to accessories and purses.

Be sure to either sign up on their website or, even better, visit their London store to get a closer look at some of the plus-size designs they have brought together in one convenient place.

London is the UK Best for Plus-Size Fashion

As you can see just by glancing through some of the plus-size fashion outlets we’ve touched upon, plus-size fashion trends are breaking into the norm in the UK and across the West. This allows everyone of all sizes to both look and feel great in their own skin.

Keep an eye out for more plus-size fashion contenders on London’s high streets in 2017, there are many more we didn’t have time to give an honourable mention.

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